About Us

Founder & CEO: Vinu Kripalani

The driving force behind Vinu’s endeavor to create a specialist skin care clinic, was her struggle with acne as a teenager. Despite treatments from the most prominent dermatologists, the results were unsatisfactory. This experience helped Vinu find her forte ~ that of becoming a skin care expert who could understand and treat skin care needs unlike anyone else.

Vinu started her training in the UK in 1979, and attended specialist courses/training programs in different aspects of skin care, hair care and specialized long-lasting make-up techniques across France and Germany. She’s also a qualified trainer and was the first to complete her Teacher’s Training to E U standards.

It is Vinu’s unique ability to combine her technical knowledge with varied skin types across continents, to prescribe customized, result-oriented skin care solutions that work better than anything else. This inimitable ability to stand out from the rest of the crowd has lead to her distinctive reputation as a leader in Skin Solutions.

Her methods are refreshingly different. Not only does she create a personalized solution for each client, but also educates her clients on how to prevent and correct their specific problems.

Vinu looks at least 10 years younger than her age, and is an excellent advertisement for her skills in skin care.